Creating Shops

How to create chest shops in your settlements

Settlement owners can create shops in their settlements allowing them to buy and sell items with other players even when they are offline. Use /shop create to create a new shop. You must be standing in your settlement to use this command. You can then claim additional plots for the shop using /shop claim while standing in a plot near your shop. Shop owners can then create chest shops in their shops, which allows other players to buy or sell specific items to your shop by clicking on the sign.

Creating Chest Shops

Chest shops are chests with signs on them. The sign on the chest is a contract between the buyer and seller defining what is being bought or sold and for how much. The first line on the sign indicates whether the chest shop is buying or selling. The remaining lines indicate what item is being bought or sold and for how many emeralds. Players must create a shop before their chest shops will work.

In the example above, there are two chest shops. The chest shop on the left is buying 64 cobbled deepslate for 1 emerald, and the chest shop on the right is selling 1 diamond sword for 30 emeralds. If a player with 64 cobbled deepslate clicks on the chest shop on the left, they will sell the stack of deepslate to the shop owner for 1 emerald. If a player with 30 emeralds clicks on the chest shop on the right, they will buy a diamond sword for 30 emeralds.

Players can find shops on the server using the /explore shops command.

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