Land Management

How land is managed and protected on the server
Land on the server is divided into chunks, called plots, which can be saved and claimed by players. Plots in The Wilderness can be saved and teleported to using the /plot command. Plots in The Frontier can be saved or claimed, with all blocks in claimed plots protected by the server including chests, shulker boxes, armor stands, item frames and more. Claimed plots are locked by default which means that only the current resident can interact in the plot. Plots can be unlocked by the current resident using the /plot unlock command which allows other players certain interactions in the plot such as opening doors and pushing buttons but does not allow other players to place blocks, destroy blocks, or access any kind of protected storage.
The Wilderness allows players to freely break blocks and collect resources, but plots in The Wilderness cannot be claimed and are not protected. The Frontier provides players access to protected plots of land which can be claimed for a fee. Plots are claimed by settlements and may then be converted into homes or markets. Homes can be sold or rented to other players for emeralds. Rented homes charge rent every 24 hours which is paid to the home owner. Markets are owned by the settlement owner and may spawn villagers which players can trade with. Unclaimed plots in The Frontier are also protected by the server, which prevents any kind of griefing.
Pro tip: Players can use a keyboard shortcut to show and hide chunk borders which is helpful when claiming plots and when using plot commands.