Chat System

Everything you need to know about the Foundation Craft chat system

Foundation Craft provides a simple and intuitive chat system with a clean user interface. Players can send messages in the global, local, and group chat channels which are prefixed by their display name. Players can also send direct messages (aka private messages) using the /message command.

Chat Channels

Players can use the /chat command to change their default chat channel. When you send a chat message it will automatically be sent to your default chat channel. For example, players can use the /chat local command to use the local chat which sends messages to nearby players.

Players can use the /group create command to create a group chat channel and then invite other players to their group using the /group invite <player> command. Those players can join the group using the /group join <player> command which allows them to participate in the group chat. Anyone in the group can invite other players to join the group.

Chat Broadcasts

Players can broadcast information in chat such as their balance, skill levels, experience levels, or items they are holding using the /broadcast command. Similar broadcasts will be shown to online players automatically when players level up their skills, buy homes, start renting homes, or create settlements.

The server will periodically show random information broadcasts in chat to try and help new players. These broadcasts can be turned off using the /player settings command.

The Helper AI

Foundation Craft provides a helpful and knowledgable chat bot named Helper AI which is capable of answering questions via the in-game chat system. If new players include a question mark at the end of their sentence, the Helper AI chat bot will attempt to answer their question. The chat bot is powered by GitBook, OpenAI, and the information available on our website.

The server will automatically mute players if their message appears to violate the server rules. Similarly, broadcasts will be sent in the global chat if a player appears to be using an unfair client-side modification.

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