Server Rules

A list of rules enforced by server staff

Breaking any of the rules below may result in temporary or permanent consequences including being muted, kicked, or banned. Report rule violations using the contact form on our website.

Rule #1: No hate speech, bullying, or harassment

The purpose of Foundation Craft is to provide a safe and fun place for people all around the world to play Minecraft together. This is just a game, we are all just here to have fun. As such, we do not allow any conduct which could be considered bullying or harassment. If you say something that is intended to hurt someone's feelings the server staff will get involved.

That being said, Foundation Craft is a competitive server. Players are allowed to kill other players in The Wilderness and are not required to give back any items. Such behavior crosses the line into bullying when it becomes targeted, repetitive, and includes comments intended to hurt the other player's feelings or upset them.

Rule #2: No inappropriate or offensive language

Foundation Craft is a family-friendly server. We are committed to providing a safe and fun place for people of all ages to play Minecraft together. As such, players are not allowed to share inappropriate or offensive content on the server including but not limited to name calling, insults, profanity, or any behavior which may be considered inappropriate for kids.

That being said, Foundation Craft is a role-playing game. All players have the freedom to role-play (aka pretend) that they are a character in a story performing some actions which may or may not be available in vanilla Minecraft. For example, players are allowed to build a casino in their settlement and pretend to gamble with their friends. Similarly, players are allowed to build a brewery in their settlements and pretend to brew and drink beer with their friends. Such activities are not endorsed or promoted by the server, but the server does protect the rights of players to create and role-play in imaginary worlds that they create as long as their conduct is appropriate, considerate, and consistent with the server rules.

If at any time your role-playing makes someone else on the server feel uncomfortable you must stop role-playing immediately. If necessary, ask questions to make sure you understand what conduct made the player feel uncomfortable and take the necessary actions to prevent this from happening again in the future. It may be necessary to simply stop interacting with this player entirely. Please be considerate and respectful when role-playing with others, as your conduct may be considered offensive to them even if you did not mean any harm.

Rule #3: No account or identity impersonation

Players are required to be honest and forthcoming about their identity on the server. This does not mean that we want to know your real name, it means that we want to know if you are using multiple accounts so that we can associate their behavior with your main account. If you use any alt accounts, you must disclose that information to any online players.

This rule is necessary to protect the server economy and make sure that all players are provided equal-opportunity on the server, as it may be possible to use multiple accounts to gain a competitive gameplay advantage (which is also against the rules).

Members are allowed to change their display name in-game, but are not allowed to change their name to anything that may confuse or misrepresent their identity on the server. For example, the player WildnessGenius can change his name to Wild or Genius but is not allowed to change his name to ElonMusk or NewPlayer.

Rule #5: No hacking or unfair client-side modifications

Foundation Craft has a strict no hacking policy which is necessary to keep the economy sustainable and provide a fair and competitive gameplay experience for all players.

Anything that gives an unfair competitive gameplay advantage is considered hacking, including but not limited to using unfair client-side modifications (aka "mods"). This includes auto clickers, bots, xray, baritone, and any similar software. In general, if your player is performing some action such as clicking or moving then you need to be the one doing it.

That being said, players are allowed to use some mods, such as freecam or fullbright, as these mods cannot be detected by the server and may be needed for accessibility reasons. If you have any questions about what mods are allowed, please ask us on Discord.

Rule #6: No excessive wealth transfers

There are limits to how much wealth players are allowed to transfer to other players. There are many factors that go into determining what kinds of wealth transfer are allowed, including but not limited to the reputations of the players involved, the amount of wealth being transferred, the alleged reason for the wealth transfer, and many others.

There is a reason we don't have kits. There is a reason that new players start with nothing. For many players, the early game experience is what makes the game so much fun. Having to work your way up the economy from nothing is one of the main goals for new players. If wealthy players give new players tons of wealth it not only interferes with the economy but it actually takes away a significant amount of gameplay from other players.

Rule #7: No item duplication exploits

Minecraft server software, just like any software system, may contain bugs. Most of these bugs are harmless, but sometimes they can be exploited by players for an unfair advantage.

Players are not allowed to exploit bugs in Minecraft, including "item duplication exploits" which are bugs that allow players to create items from nothing. These bugs are rare and generally get fixed very quickly, but they will occasionally get introduced. If players find one of these bugs they must report it to the server staff immediately and must not use it further.

Rule #8: No deceiving or lying to staff members

Staff members are players who volunteer their time and effort to help keep the server safe. The staff team takes on additional responsibilities and uses their time to help others, moderate chat, and enforce the server rules. In order for the staff team to do this effectively, we must have a reasonable assumption that players are being honest with us.

To be clear, it is not against the rules to lie to another player. It is only against the rules to lie to another player if that player is a staff member.

Players have often targeted staff members deliberately and deceptively with malicious intent. To combat this, each staff member is protected by this rule and may enforce this rule at their sole discretion when they believe players are being dishonest with them. For example, if you ask a staff member for help while you are in The Wilderness and then you kill them when they teleport to help you that may be considered a rule violation. To be clear, players are allowed to kill staff members. But they are not allowed to do so using deceptive practices.

Rule #9: No stealing or griefing in The Frontier

The Frontier is a safe and peaceful world for building, hanging out, and role-playing. As such, players are not allowed to steal or grief in this world. If you want to steal from other players or grief their builds then you will have to do so in The Wilderness.

If a player trusts you in their settlement then you are not allowed to steal from their settlement or build in their settlement in a way which could be considered griefing.

Griefing is any action that contributes to the destruction or modification of builds created by other players in a way that annoys, upsets, or harms other players.

Rule #10: Claimed land must be used reasonably and respectfully

Players have the right to express themselves and their creativity when building on the server, but there are some restrictions on how players can use claimed land. This does not mean that we are we are going to tell you what to build or how to build it, it means that if you claim land on the server you are expected to use that land in a way that does not waste server resources.

For example, players are not allowed to claim excessive amounts of land in a straight line, as doing so uses up server resources inefficiently by preventing many nearby plots from being claimed by other players. Similarly, players are not allowed to claim large mountain ranges or other highly-desired biomes on the server just to destroy them leaving a massive empty void in the otherwise beautiful and natural-looking landscape.

Rule #11: Do not use multiple accounts to bypass restrictions

Players are allowed to use multiple accounts (aka "alts") in addition to their main account. If you choose to use multiple accounts on the server, you must be honest with the server staff about what accounts are yours and you must not use those accounts to bypass restrictions.

There are some restrictions on the server which are enforced for each individual player. For example, each player is allowed to trigger one raid every 12 hours. Using one of your alt accounts to bypass this restriction is considered a violation of this rule.

Rule #12: Use English to talk in global server chat channels

The staff team is responsible for moderating the server chat. To do this effectively, we must be able to read and understand the messages that are sent in chat. Foundation Craft is based in the United States and has a primarily English-speaking community and staff team. As such, we ask all players to use English to talk in global server chat channels.

Players are allowed to send private messages to other players in any language they want, as long as the content of those messages does not violate the server rules.

In addition to these rules, players must also agree to and comply with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Foundation Craft reserves the right to change these rules at any time. If you disagree with a decision made by the staff team you can let us know using our contact form.

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