Membership Perks

A list of all perks provided to server members

Players can become Members to reduce chat and explore command cooldowns, save extra plots, and receive access to customizable cosmetic perks such as special chat prefixes, colors, glowing effects, particle effects, and emotes.

Global Chat Cooldown

The server has a 3 second chat cooldown which restricts players from sending more than one message in global chat within 3 seconds. Members are able to bypass this cooldown.

Explore Command Cooldown

There is a 30 second cooldown for players when using the /explore unclaimed and /explore wilderness commands. This cooldown is now reduced to just 5 seconds for Members!

Extra Saved Plots

Members can claim additional saved plots, 12 of each type which is twice as many as the default limit for all other players. Members keep this perk forever, even if their membership expires.

Player Name Command

Members can use the /player name command to choose a custom name which is displayed in chat. Members also have the option of replacing their default Player title with the Member title.

Player Color Command

Members can use the /player color command to change the color of their name in chat, glow color, and particle effects. There are different particle effects shown when players are performing various actions. Smoke will show when running, bubbles will show when swimming, ash will show when flying, and particles of the players chosen color will show when otherwise moving.

Player Settings Command

The /player settings command can be used by players to change their player rank to show a Member prefix in chat, as well as show particle effects when players move and enable glowing which shows an outline around player avatars in-game set to each players chosen color.

The Emote Command

The /emote command can be used to show various emotes in-game. Using /emote charge will strike the player with lightening from the sky without doing any damage. Using /emote love will show hearts around the player while using /emote anger will express frustration.

The Hat Command

The /hat command can be used by Members to wear any block as a hat in-game! Hats are purely cosmetic and do not provide any competitive gameplay advantage.

Flying In The Frontier

Members can now fly in unclaimed plots in The Frontier as well as within the borders of any settlement that they own! This is not a competitive gameplay advantage because The Frontier is a safe and peaceful world for building with combat disabled and land fully protected.

Members can also allow other Members to fly in their settlements using the /settlement togglefly <player> command.

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