Exploring The Wilderness

How to explore The Wilderness and collect resources as a new player on the server

The Wilderness is a dangerous, uncharted, unprotected, and lawless realm ruled by anarchists and agents of chaos. It is basically like vanilla Minecraft, but multiplayer with built-in combat features. There are three Wilderness worlds: The Wilderness Overworld, The Nether, and The End. Players are free to explore, build, farm, loot and collect resources in these worlds at their own risk. New players are able to explore The Wilderness and collect resources so that they can earn emeralds and claim land.

Warning! Griefing, stealing, and combat are allowed in The Wilderness.

Be careful when sending and accepting teleport requests, as other players will be able to kill you and take all your items. Bullying and harassment is against the server rules.

Players can explore The Wilderness using the /explore wilderness command. This command teleports the player to a random location in The Wilderness Overworld. While exploring, try to collect as many resources as you can without dying. You can save your location using the /plot save <name> command and teleport back later using the /plot spawn <name> command. When you are done exploring, use the /spawn command to teleport back to The Frontier with the items you collected.

Ender chests can be used by new players to safely store items and resources until they have access to protected storage. There are ender chests available at the server spawn location.

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