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Frequently Asked Questions
How to get started as a new player?
New players can get started by exploring The Wilderness, collecting resources, and selling resources at markets and shops for emeralds. Players can earn emeralds by voting and leveling up their skills. Emeralds can then be used to rent homes, buy homes, and create settlements.
Am I allowed to use client-side modifications?
Foundation Craft does not endorse or recommend any client-side modifications (aka "mods") but they are very popular and many players choose to use them anyway. If you choose to use mods, we recommend that you use trusted open source mods to protect yourself from malware. Players are only allowed to use mods that do not provide a competitive advantage over other players.
The term "mods" may also refer to Moderators or custom server software such as plugins.
Can Minecraft mods distribute malware or viruses?
Yes, many Minecraft mods can and do distribute computer viruses (aka malware). According to Kaspersky, Minecraft is the #1 game for distributed malware. According to their study, 25% of all gaming-related malware is distributed through Minecraft mods and related software. Please be careful when downloading software from the internet.
How much does a settlement cost?
The cost to create a settlement depends on how much land you have claimed so far. New players can create a settlement for 1,000 emeralds. If you have already created a settlement, you can find out how much it costs to create another one by using the /explore unclaimed command and then using the /plot claim command.
Can I build farms in The Frontier?
Players can build farms in The Frontier to harvest crops but because mobs cannot spawn in claimed plots it is very difficult or impossible to build mob farms in The Frontier.
Can I build farms in The Wilderness?
Yes, players can build all kinds of farms in The Wilderness including crop farms and mob farms.
Is this a "lifesteal" server?
No, Foundation Craft is not a "lifesteal" server because players cannot steal hearts from other players. However, players can earn extra hearts by leveling up their defense skill.
Can players reset or "reroll" villager trades?
Villager trades will be randomly reset (aka rerolled) if the villager has not yet traded with any players. After that the trades are locked in and will not change, just like in vanilla Minecraft.
Can home owners sell a home while it is being rented?
Home owners cannot sell a home if it is currently being rented by another player. If you have a home available for rent and you want to sell it instead, use the /home stoprenting command and then use the /home sell command to put the home up for sale.
What do I do when my anvil breaks in my rented home?
If the anvil in your rented home breaks you can ask the home owner to place a new one for you.
What does sponsoring a settlement do?
Sponsoring a settlement makes it show up faster when players use the /explore settlements command, as explored settlements are sorted by the number of times they have been promoted.
Can beds be used to mine for netherite?
Yes. Just like in vanilla Minecraft, clicking on a bed in The Nether will cause it to explode. As such, players can use beds to mine for ancient debris which can be smelted into netherite scraps.
How can I find information about players?
You can see which players are currently online by holding down the tab key. You can view players who were online recently using the /player recent command.
You can check when a specific player was last online using the /player lookup command.
You can view additional information about a specific player, such as their username and when they first joined the server, by hovering your cursor over their display name in chat.
What is the ping of a player?
Each player has a ping which represents the amount of time it takes for their computer to get a response from the server and serves as a measure of how good or bad their connection is. A high ping means a worse connection to the server. Players generally have a high ping due to network issues.
You can check a player's ping using the /player ping <name> command.
Are players allowed to stream or voice chat?
Players are allowed to stream and voice chat on our Discord server but do so at their own risk.
What does AFK stand for?
"AFK" stands for "away from keyboard" and is an acronym used to indicate that a player is not sitting at their computer. Players are allowed to farm while AFK.
How do I become a Member?
You can become a Member by purchasing a membership on our Patreon page. Membership costs $10 and helps pay for server hosting and advertising costs. The link is on our website.
The link to our Patreon page is:
How can I join the staff team?
Players can apply to join the server staff team using the contact form on our website. The staff team reads all applications submitted by players, but does not guarantee a response on all applications.
What are security consultants?
Security consultants are players who have been recognized as having exemplary technical skills and knowledge which they use to help the server find and fix bugs and exploits. Security consultants have a rank on Discord but do not currently have any rank in-game.
How can I report a bug?
Some features may not work as expected due to software bugs. Players can report software bugs on our Discord server or using the contact form on our website.
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