Non-Vanilla Mechanics

All of the ways that Foundation Craft deviates from vanilla Minecraft

To keep the economy competitive and optimize server performance, Foundation Craft deviates from vanilla Minecraft in a few important ways, all of which are documented here.

  • Mobs cannot spawn in claimed plots

  • Clicking on beds makes players fully rested

  • Withers cannot spawn near unbreakable blocks

  • Players may trigger at most one raid per 12 hours

  • Villager breeding is disabled in all worlds

  • Villager restock rates are reduced by about 50%

  • Zombie villager curing is nerfed by clearing villager reputations during restock

  • Building and mob spawns are disabled on The Nether roof

  • Mobs and items cannot travel through End Portals

  • Players will die if they log out while engaged in player-versus-player combat

  • Dropped items will instantly de-spawn if you teleport away (not death drops though)

Mob Spawn Limits

There are a finite number of mobs that can spawn in each location on the server. If there are too many mobs in one area then new mobs will be temporarily restricted from spawning in that area. The limit is different for each world but this restriction should not impact normal gameplay.

Block Limits

There are limits on how many blocks can be placed in settlements, homes, and wilderness plots for each of the following types of blocks:

  • Minecarts

  • Pistons

  • Hoppers

  • Armor Stands

  • Brewing Stands

  • Storage Containers (Chests, Barrels, and Shulker Boxes)

  • Redstone Blocks (Repeaters, Comparators, Observers, Dispensers, and Droppers)

  • Furnaces (Includes Blast Furnaces and Smokers)

Use the /plot limits command to view block limits for a specific plot. Use /home limits to view the limits for a home. Home limits increase when you claim additional plots for the home. Use /settlement limits to view the limits for a settlement. Settlement limits increase when you upgrade the settlement using the /settlement upgrade command.

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