Renting Homes

How new players can work their way up the economy by renting homes

Players can temporarily rent homes owned by other players for emeralds. Renting a home is optional, but recommended, as it makes earning emeralds much easier by providing new players access to protected storage, furnaces, farmland and more. Rent is collected each day, once per 24 hours.

Players can use the /explore homes command to find homes for rent. If you find a home you like, you can use the /home rent command to start renting the home. All chests, shulker boxes, armor stands, item frames, and other storage containers in rented homes are automatically protected by the server and can only be accessed by the current home renter. Home owners are not allowed to evict or kick residents from a home that they are renting. The only way for a resident to be evicted from a rented home is if they fail to pay rent. Home renters can teleport to their homes using the /home spawn command and can stop renting a home using the /home stoprenting command.

Home renters can save up to try and buy a home or create a settlement while renting.

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