Plot Management

How to manage claimed plots of land on the server

The /plot command has many subcommands, some of which were already mentioned, and the rest of which are documented here. Settlement owners can use the plot command to lock and unlock plots as well as link all nether portals in a specific claimed plot.

Locking Plots

Claimed plots are locked by default which means that only the plot owner and trusted players can interact in the plot. Players can lock a claimed plot that they own or rent using the /plot lock command. Settlement owners can lock all of the plots in their settlement using the /settlement lock which does not affect homes in the settlement. Home owners and renters can use the /home lock command to lock all plots claimed by their home.

Unlocking Plots

Plots can be unlocked by the plot owner or resident using the /plot unlock command which allows other players certain interactions in the plot such as opening doors and pushing buttons but does not allow other players to place blocks, destroy blocks, or access any kind of protected storage.

Linking Portals

Players can use /plot linkportals to link all portals in a plot to another location. If the plot is in a home, then the plot can be linked to a home. If the plot is in a shop, it can be linked to a shop. If the plot is not in a home or a shop then it can be linked to a settlement.

Clearing Entities

Players can use the /plot clear command to remove items, animals, and pets from a specific plot in their settlement. Pets are just animals that have been named using a name tag.

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