Saving Locations

How to save your location and teleport back later

Players can explore lots of different locations on the server including everything from beautiful and safe protected plots in The Frontier to the dangerous and uncharted worlds of The Wilderness.

While exploring, you may find cool locations on the server that you want to save so you can teleport back later. Players can save their location on the server using the /plot save command. This is similar to the /sethome command on other servers. Plots are basically chunks that can be saved and claimed by players using commands. Plots in The Frontier and The Wilderness can be saved by any player, but only unclaimed plots in The Frontier can be claimed.

Saving Plots

Players can save their location on the server using the /plot save <name> command. You can teleport back to any named plot using the /plot spawn <name> command or if the saved plot does not have a name then you can teleport back to it using the /plot list command and clicking "Spawn" next to the plot that you want to teleport to. Naming a plot is optional, but recommended.

Players can save up to 6 claimed, unclaimed, and wilderness plots. Plots in homes cannot be saved.

Deleting Saved Plots

Players can delete saved plots by teleporting to them and using the/plot unsave command. If the plot you want to delete has a name, you can simply use the /plot unsave <name> command.

Additional plot commands can be used to lock and unlock plots as well as link all portals in a plot.

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