Creating Settlements

How and why to create settlements on the server

Players can create a new settlement by claiming a plot in The Frontier. It costs new players 1,000 emeralds to create their first settlement, with the cost of upgrading and creating settlements increasing for each player over time as they claim more land.

Use the /explore unclaimed command to find claimable plots. If you find a plot that you like but do not yet have enough emeralds to claim it then you can use the /plot save command to save the plot so that you can come back and claim it later. Players can use the /settlement create command to claim their first settlement plot for a fee which is paid to the server.

After the first settlement plot has been claimed, additional plots can be claimed for the settlement using the /settlement claim command. Those plots can then be converted into homes and shops using the /home create and /shop create commands. Homes can be rented and sold to other players, while shops can be used to trade items for emeralds with other players.

Settlement owners can rename their settlements using the /settlement rename <name> command while standing in the settlement that they want to rename. Players can teleport to settlements using the /settlement spawn <name> command.

Settlement owners can upgrade their settlements to claim more land using the /s upgrade command. When settlements are first created, the settlement owner can claim up to 10 plots. When the settlement is upgraded to level 2, the settlement owner will be able to claim up to 25 plots. After that, the number of plots that can be claimed increases by 25 plots per additional level.

Pro tip: Players can use the "F3 + G" keyboard shortcut to show and hide chunk borders which is helpful when claiming plots for settlements and when using plot commands.

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