Protected Land

How settlements, homes, and shops are protected

Settlement owners can build and access protected storage in all plots claimed by the settlement, except for those which are part of homes owned by other players. Markets and shops are owned exclusively by the settlement owner and homes are owned exclusively by the current home owner. Home renters have exclusive access to protected storage while renting.

All blocks in claimed plots are protected by the server including chests, shulker boxes, decorated pots, armor stands, item frames and more. Claimed plots are locked by default which means that only the plot owner and trusted players can interact in the plot. Plots can be unlocked by the current plot owner using the /plot unlock command which allows other players certain interactions in the plot such as opening doors and pushing buttons but does not allow other players to place blocks, destroy blocks, or access any kind of protected storage. Unclaimed plots in The Frontier are also protected by the server, which prevents any kind of griefing.

Claimed plots can be converted into homes or shops by the settlement owner. Homes can be rented or sold to other players. Settlement owners can build in rented homes, but only the current home resident can access protected storage while the home is being rented. Only the settlement owner can build or access protected storage in shops.

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