The Economy

How to compete in the server economy
There are many ways to compete in the server economy. Leveling up skills, mining emerald ore in The Wilderness, and selling items to villagers at a market is a great way for new players to earn emeralds, but there are lots of other ways for more established players to earn emeralds even faster by selling homes, flipping homes, or by earning passive income from rented homes and markets. Use the /player balances command to view the players with the most emeralds.
Primary Homes
Players with one or more homes have a primary home which cannot be rented or sold. Once a player owns multiple homes they have the option of renting or selling any of those homes. Players can set their primary home using the /home setprimary command.
Selling Homes
Players can buy and create homes in their settlements and can sell those homes to other players if they chose. Large homes in beautiful settlements are likely to sell for higher amounts, encouraging players to build impressive homes and settlements to increase demand for their homes.
Flipping Homes
Buying and selling (aka "flipping") homes may also be profitable. Flipping homes will most likely result in higher profits if players make improvements to the homes before trying to re-sell them.
Renting Homes
Players can rent homes to other players for a fee, called rent, which is withdrawn from the renter account balance every 24 hours and deposited into the home owners account balance automatically. This allows players to earn passive income even when they are offline.
Creating Markets
Market owners receive 10% of all market trades. For example, if a player sells 20 emeralds worth of items in a market then the market owner will receive 2 emeralds as profit. This allows players to earn passive income even when they are offline.
Market Bankruptcy
There are a finite number of plots that can be claimed by markets on the server. Markets with low trading revenue may go bankrupt when all available market plots have been claimed. Bankrupt markets will be deleted, but all plots claimed by the market will still be owned by the settlement.